Denture Services

Tooth loss isn’t the end of your smile! Dentures are a popular smile restoration option that can completely renew your look with a single appliance.
At Island Paradise Dental, we offer custom smile denture designs with Premium Ivoclar Portrait denture teeth and premium resins.  Our custom lab only produces the finest dentures that accentuate your individual facial features.  Dr. Abbiati and our lab can custom tailor your dentures and produce a top quality product in as little as 4-5 days.  We also provide custom wax tooth try-ins before your denture is produced so that you can see a prototype of the denture prior to processing. This allows us to make any changes the patient may be looking for in their custom denture.

Do I Need Complete Dentures?

Full, or complete, dentures are a traditional and popular smile restoration option for a good reason! If you have experienced severe tooth loss, our dentist, Dr. Robert Abbiati, DDS, may suggest complete dentures. This will allow you to speak better, eat with ease, keep your jawbone strong, and more! So, if you are concerned with the appearance and function of your smile, it’s time to come in for a full assessment.

Benefits of Complete Dentures

When you opt for complete dentures, you’re restoring the look and function of your smile! That comes with endless benefits, including:
  • Improved speech and ability to eat
  • Can be removed for cleaning
  • Natural-looking restoration
  • Fill out face for more youthful look
  • Protect gums and strengthens jaw

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Dentures are a long-term solution for your smile restoration! With the proper care, your dentures should last nearly a decade. So, be sure to take care of your dentures every day and come in for regular check-ups to ensure the health of supporting tissues and gums.

Are You Looking to Get Dentures in Marco Island?

You can restore your smile at Island Paradise Dental by getting dentures in Marco Island! Contact our experienced team to schedule an appointment today!

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