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A Closer Look at the Different Types of Dental Cleanings

June 20, 2023

Did you know there's more than one type of professional teeth cleaning? Understanding the available options can help you choose the best alternative for your needs. Knowing these types can be quite helpful when discussing your dental cleaning options with your dentist. Let's dive in and discover the range of choices available to keep your smile healthy!

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Types of Professional Teeth Cleaning  


This cleaning is the most common type and is also known as routine cleaning. It is typically performed every six months as part of preventive dental care. Prophylaxis removes plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth and gumline.  

This type of cleaning is suitable for individuals with healthy gums and minimal tartar buildup. Regular prophylaxis helps maintain optimal oral health and prevents the onset of gum disease and other dental issues.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing, also known as deep cleaning, is a more extensive dental cleaning procedure recommended for individuals with gingivitis or mild to moderate periodontitis. This treatment involves the removal of plaque, tartar, and bacteria from below the gumline and around the roots of the teeth.  

This type of teeth cleaning in Marco Island aims to eliminate the infection-causing factors and promote gum tissue healing. This procedure is often performed in multiple visits and may require local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

Full Mouth Debridement

This procedure is specifically designed for patients with severe tartar and plaque buildup. It is usually the first step for individuals who have not visited a dentist in a long time or those with excessive plaque and tartar that obstruct the dentist's view during a comprehensive oral examination.  

Full mouth debridement involves the removal of large accumulations of plaque and tartar, allowing the dentist to thoroughly evaluate your oral health. Additional treatments or specific cleanings can be performed following this initial cleaning.

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance cleanings are tailored for individuals diagnosed with periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) and who have undergone scaling and root planing or other gum disease treatments. These cleanings are typically performed every three to four months to prevent the recurrence or progression of the disease.  

These cleanings involve meticulously removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria from above and below the gumline. Close monitoring and regular maintenance cleanings are crucial for managing periodontal disease and preserving oral health.

Determining the Appropriate Cleaning

The type of dental cleaning required for an individual depends on their specific oral health needs. A thorough examination by a dentist or dental hygienist will help determine the most appropriate cleaning. Factors such as gum disease, the amount of tartar buildup, and the general oral health condition determine the type and frequency of cleanings required.

A dentist performing a teeth cleaning in Marco island

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