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Dental Cleanings: Do They Hurt?

February 14, 2023

We know that visits to the dentist are often associated with some sort of discomfort, and dental cleanings are not exempt from this belief. For people in Marco Island, dental care is fundamental, but they tend to be afraid to visit their dentist because of the discomfort they think may experience. But do cleanings actually hurt? Let’s take a look and find out.  

A dentist performing a teeth cleaning as a part of Marco Island Dental Care

Dental Cleaning and Pain

Due to advances in technology and the skills of professionals, this type of procedure is completely painless. It consists of removing tartar and certain types of stains on the teeth. If there’s no dental disease present, the patient will only feel a slight friction on their teeth.  

In What Cases Can It Be Painful?

Dental cleaning isn’t a painful treatment, although it can be uncomfortable for some patients in the following situations:

Inflammation of the Gums

The accumulation of bacterial plaque behind the gums causes them to become inflamed. To remove the plaque and get the gum to deflate a dentist must perform deeper cleanings with anesthesia, called scaling and root planing.

Dental Sensitivity  

Tooth sensitivity is also a condition that causes the patient to experience discomfort when using instruments with water and air. This discomfort that these patients feel during and after dental hygiene is mild, but the best way to reduce it is to maintain proper daily hygiene at home and arrive at the dental office with less plaque accumulation.

Dental utensils used in Marco Island dental care

Looking for Marco Island Dental Care?

It can be assured that under the right circumstances, a dental cleaning does not have to cause pain in a patient. However, it is necessary to emphasize that, in order to avoid situations in which there may be discomfort, you should visit your dentist regularly. Periodic checkups are essential. Contact us today at Island Paradise Dental to schedule yours now!

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