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Difference Between a Dentist and Orthodontist

July 27, 2021

If you believe that dentists can perform orthodontic treatment, it’s good that you have come across this post. The confusion is not rare. After all, both orthodontists and dentists are engaged in one common task; that is, working on your teeth. Orthodontics Marco Island differs from general dentists based on the education they took, the scope of practice, and the treatment performed.

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How Do They Differ?


Both orthodontists and dentists graduate from dental school. The only difference is that orthodontists undergo a specialization. After graduation, they still get a full study load from an accredited program for about 2 years or so. 

Scope of Practice

Orthodontists offer specific services such as fixing the irregularities and alignment of your jaw or teeth. On the other hand, general dentists offer specialty and general dental care. Orthodontists seek to manage conditions like deep overbite, crooked jaw, protruding front teeth, impacted teeth, and overcrowding of teeth. Some of the tools they use are clear aligners, lingual braces, traditional braces, and other orthodontic appliances.


The treatment conducted by general dentists differs according to the type of condition and service. In contrast, orthodontic treatments usually take at least 1 year to complete. Since orthodontists take specialization programs or training, they are much well-versed in whatever kind of irregularities and alignment your teeth and jaw have. 

When To See An Orthodontist?

It is best to consult an orthodontist if you experience awkward biting and chewing issues, as well as, other misalignments in your jaw or teeth. As for children, dental professionals recommend that they see an orthodontist as soon as they experience any tooth eruption. In like manner, it is important to take your child to the orthodontist so the appearance of his or her teeth may be assessed at an early stage. You can already accompany them as soon as they reach the age of 8.

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