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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Getting Dental Smile Makeover!

January 24, 2023

There’s no better investment to recover your smile than a smile makeover. Benefits are unmatchable, you can improve your dental health, look more appealing, feel better about your looks, and even experience the effects of a nonsurgical facelift. However, for everything to go flawlessly, you must be careful with certain things to avoid the following mistakes:

beautiful patient satisfied with her Smile Makeover in Marco Island

Not Choosing Your Dentist Carefully

Your dentist is the artist, architect, and chief craftsman of your smile makeover. Everything depends on them, and if you want to get great results from your smile makeover, you have to choose your dentist carefully. All dentists are reasonably skilled at providing basic dental care, but when it comes to a smile makeover, you need a dentist who has special skills.

Not Treating Enough Teeth

We understand the temptation to just focus on a few teeth. You may be mostly worried about correcting peg laterals or other specific problems. There are the six most crucial teeth that we need to consider in any smile makeover, but you can’t assume that will be enough to give you the results you want.

Not Replacing Old Restorations

If you have had one or more teeth treated in the past, you might be tempted to keep old dental crowns or porcelain veneers.

But it might be smarter to replace them. First of all, old restorations may not look as attractive as they once did (or maybe you were never very happy with the results). Secondly, they may be nearing the end of their life, which means they’ll have to be replaced soon, anyway. Finally, if they weren’t done right in the first place, they may be concealing problems like decay or other damage to a supporting tooth.

patient smiling after a successful Smile Makeover in Marco Island

Ready to Get a Smile Makeover in Marco Island?  

We hope if you decide to get a smile makeover, you take into consideration everything we said here so you have the best outcome possible. Here at Island Paradise Dental, we’re ready to assist you and craft that perfect smile. Contact us today!

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