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Efficient Ways to Clean Braces

Wearing orthodontics in Marco Island, like braces, is a major part of growing up for millions of people worldwide. But when you have a full set of braces, it can be hard to find time to keep them clean. However, taking good care of your braces can help reduce the chance of them causing discomfort while improving the appearance of your teeth over time. Even if you have healthy teeth, wearing braces requires a lot of diligence. Fortunately, there are several ways to clean your braces so that you can keep your smile neat and healthy-looking.

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How to Clean Braces

Step #1: Choose the Right Toothbrush

The key to keeping your braces clean is the toothbrush you use. Choose one that's soft on gum tissue and comfortable to hold. Also, avoid using electric toothbrushes, which can damage your braces and cause discomfort if you brush too vigorously.  

Step #2: Brush the Exterior Surface of Your Teeth First

Start by brushing away all of the remnants of food stuck to your teeth. Then take a soft brush and clean the exterior surfaces of your teeth, including the top and bottom of each tooth. Then brush the sides of your molars and the crevices between each tooth until you are finished.

Step #3: Brush the Back Part of Your Teeth

Brush your back teeth by holding the brush at a 90-degree angle to your gums and brushing in one direction. Remember to do this every time you brush. Brush your back molars and the crevices between each tooth until you are finished. It's important to brush these areas with a soft toothbrush so that you do not harm your braces.  

Step #4: Follow Up with Flossing

Flossing between your teeth helps remove food particles that may not be completely cleaned from the exterior of your teeth with your toothbrush. Always use floss specifically designed for braces. It will provide extra protection for the braces and reduce your chances of causing damage. Flossing should be done once per day and should be done for the full length of your braces.

Step #5: Use Mouthwash

A quick rinse with a mouthwash containing a fluoride-based compound will help minimize plaque and prevent bad breath. Choose a mouthwash that is suitable for your age and your overall health. Remember to avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes, which will dry out your mouth and increase the chances of breaking your braces.  

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