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Emergency Dentist Office | When to See an Emergency Dentist

July 27, 2021

Did you know that if you ignore a dental emergency or even attempt to fix it yourself, you’ll only make it worse? Unfortunately, countless individuals are guilty of doing both. The results of their actions have proved to be detrimental to their oral health. Aside from this, they ended up paying for more expensive dental procedures to correct them. As soon as you experience any of these signs, contact an emergency dentist office as soon as you can.

Your Tooth is Loose

If you’ve had an unfortunate car accident or sports injury that caused your permanent tooth to be loose, or a localized infection due to gum disease or dental caries that caused your tooth to be wiggly, you’ll need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible before your condition worsens.

You Have a Severe Toothache

Are you struggling with a persistent toothache that’s caused by an abscessed tooth, infected gums, damaged fillings, tooth decay, a tooth fracture or crack? If so, you’ll need to make an emergency appointment with a dentist to get immediate toothache relief. The treatment you’ll get will depend on the cause of the problem. Therefore, it’s extremely important to receive a proper diagnosis if you want to have toothache relief that would last.

Your Gums are Aching and Bleeding

When your gums are actively bleeding, aching, and swelling, it means that you have gum disease or infection. If you won’t get immediate dental attention, this may lead to premature tooth loss. If your gums are actively bleeding after your tooth was extracted, head down to an emergency dental office.

Your Canker Sore Won’t Go Away

If the lesions in your mouth are lingering and haven’t healed within two weeks or have become infected, you’ll need to call an emergency dental office to set up an immediate appointment.

Your Mouth Tastes Like Metal

Sometimes, metal fillings crack and become loose. When this happens and your mouth starts to taste like metal, seek emergency dental care so that your dentist can give your tooth a new filling after he clears out any bacteria or infection that was left behind.

Looking to Find an Emergency Dentist Office?

You shouldn’t take dental emergencies lightly. If you’re looking for an emergency dentist office, contact Island Paradise Dental today. Dr. Robert Abbiati will provide you with high-quality dental care you deserve.

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