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Emergency Dentistry in Marco Island: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing dental pain, emergency dentistry in Marco Island is the only way to get out of it fast. This situation puts you at great inconvenience. That's why they require immediate action. Dental emergencies can negatively impact your daily tasks, making it difficult or even impossible to function at your best.  

However, not everyone completely understands what they need to do in these scenarios. In fact, some people even admit that they have not prepared for it. That is, they think dental emergencies may not happen to them. Thus, they don't feel the urge to know enough about emergency dentistry in Marco Island and how it can help them.  

Unfortunately, when life hits them with a curveball in the form of throbbing pain or a knocked-out tooth, they panic and don't know who to turn to. Below, we've created a list to provide you with some answers to frequently asked questions about emergency dentistry and what we can do for your toothache or other dental emergencies.  

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Questions and Answers About Emergency Dentistry  

What Happens During an Emergency Visit?  

After you've spoken with our staff, we will perform a thorough examination to determine the type of dental emergency you're experiencing and what care is necessary. It's possible that your gum infection has gotten worse or that a broken tooth requires more immediate attention than initially thought. We'll work quickly to diagnose the source of your problem and plan out your treatment.    

What Are the Common Types of Dental Emergencies?  

If you've sustained an injury to your teeth or mouth, such as a chipped tooth or jaw fracture, you have a dental emergency on your hands. Emergency dentists are trained to treat sudden injuries to your mouth and can quickly provide the treatment you need to alleviate symptoms such as:  

  • Abscesses  
  • Broken and knocked out teeth  
  • Burning sensations when eating or drinking hot food and drinks  
  • Dental pain, which may be caused by infection, sensitive gum tissue, tooth sensitivity, exposed nerve or damage from trauma or biting into something hard  
  • Dental trauma caused by traumatic accidents like motor vehicle accidents and falls  
  • Loose teeth  
  • Broken orthodontics  
  • Post-operation excessive bleeding
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When Do I Need to See a Dentist?  

The common types of dental emergencies listed above oblige you to see your dentist at the soonest possible time. If you cannot contact your regular dentist in an instant, you can go directly to your emergency dentist to have the problem checked and addressed.  

That's why dental professionals emphasize the necessity of having an emergency dentist you can go to even in the wee hours of the evening. That is especially true when a pulsating pain is bugging you, or a tooth has fallen out of its socket. These are circumstances that cannot wait for the next appointment, and you shouldn't, too.  

However, there are also non-urgent emergencies, like a dull toothache or a lost filling. That means that you can wait for one to two days or when you can schedule a visit to your dentist. While waiting for that appointment, you can apply first aid to mitigate the severity of the condition.  

What Can I Do to Manage the Pain?  

Dentists recommend that you rinse your mouth with saline water. By doing this, you wash away harmful bacteria from your mouth. A dental infection usually causes tooth pain due to excessive plaque and harmful bacteria accumulated in the mouth.  

If it doesn't work, you may take pain medications, such as painkillers, that you can buy at a nearby drugstore. Painkillers are often effective in alleviating pain. However, it's important to note that even if you have brought the pain down to a tolerable level, you still need to see your dentist so they can properly diagnose and treat the root of the dental issue. Doing this will ensure that the pain will less likely happen again.  

How Painful Is the Treatment?  

There have been many developments in the world of dentistry recently, making the procedures significantly painless and comfortable. If you experience tooth pain, your dentist will likely suggest a root canal treatment. The treatment involves cleaning your tooth's pulp, which is presumably infected.  

Although patients report the discomfort brought about by this procedure, dental care providers explain that the pain is because of the infection, not the treatment. Understandably, any type of infection should be painful, to say the least.  

On the other hand, emergency dentistry in Marco Island may opt for tooth extraction if the tooth is severely decayed beyond repair. This prerogative must be a sad option, but dentists are sometimes left with no other choice than to do this.  

Some people also struggle with dental anxiety, making them delay their trip to their emergency dentist. For these people, the idea of going to a dental clinic itself is enough to make them feel the chills creep over them. That is much worse when they see needles and other dental equipment.  

But there's no need to worry! Emergency dentistry in Marco Island utilizes sedation dentistry for patients who are nervous about sitting in the dental chair. Sedation dentistry procedures – like oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation, will calm the patient down to pave the way for a relaxed environment.  

Some patients can’t even recall the procedure, while some are in deep slumber during the entire process. Many patients have already made the most of this procedure, and they reported a positive experience.  

How Do I Choose an Emergency Dentist?  

You have to be meticulous in choosing an emergency dentist. The first thing to consider is their educational background and related training. Are they specially trained to perform procedures in emergency dentistry?  

Apart from that, choose a dental professional near your house, your kids' school, and your workplace. The speed of response to a dental emergency heavily impacts the result of the treatment. A lot can happen in a matter of seconds.  

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Looking for Emergency Dentistry in Marco Island?  

Dental emergencies are no joke. They can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. When left unattended and unsolved, they can turn into life-threatening circumstances. You should not delay your response. Ask for help from your dentist as soon as possible to ensure that the problem does not worsen.  

Your action, or inaction, can spell the difference in how the situation will turn out. Give us a call today at Island Paradise Dental to learn more about how we can help you.  

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