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Every Stage Of Gum Disease Explained

The most severe stage of gum disease could require tooth extraction in Marco Island. Oral surgery is often the most appropriate solution if left untreated for far too long. Of course, prevention is better than cure. It will benefit you to learn how periodontitis progresses from its early to late stages.  

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Stages of Periodontitis


Gingivitis, or gum inflammation, is the first stage of periodontitis. The first symptom you’ll notice is bleeding during brushing or flossing. This phase also brings discoloration to the teeth caused by plaque accumulation on the enamel.  

At this point, however, your gum disease is still reversible. You just have to practice good oral hygiene like regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing between meals. You should also frequently visit your family dentist for preventive dental procedures.

Early Stage

As the disease progresses, you’ll start seeing your gums move away from the teeth’s base. This recession exposes the gaps between the tooth and the gum and leaves it open for bacterial infection. Your immune system responds to the threat by inflaming the gums even more. Your gingiva continues to bleed during flossing or brushing.

Moderate Stage

The worsening infection pulls the gums further back from the teeth. The bacteria reach the roots of the teeth, and you start feeling pain. Your teeth become loose and become sensitive to cold and heat. The infection also weakens the bones supporting the teeth.  

Advanced Stage

At this point, the infection has eroded much of the bones and fibers supporting the teeth. More teeth become loose or even fall off. It becomes painful to chew using any part of your mouth. The severe infection and dead cells in your mouth also manifest as pungent breath throughout the day. Your saliva may also have a foul taste.

Who Are at Risk for Gum Disease?

You are at risk for gingival ailments if you don’t regularly practice proper dental hygiene. However, people who have these vices or conditions have a higher risk of developing the disease:

  • Smokers
  • Obese and malnourished individuals
  • People taking certain medications
  • Persons with a high level of stress
  • Elderly people
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