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Five Reasons Why Emergency Dentists are Unsung Heroes

Accidents aren’t always preventable. Seeking a healthcare professional will always be a great choice to recover from various injuries. Not many health providers are as well-trained or ready to handle these cases as emergency dentists.

An emergency dentist is a dental professional that will promptly respond to patients with emergency oral complications. Unlike other general dentists, our team is an expert in diagnosing and treating tooth problems in urgent situations.

Five Reasons to Get an Emergency Dentist

They Relieve Toothache

Complaining about toothaches is common, especially for the younger generations who consume a huge amount of sweets. Mostly, toothaches are caused by a piece of food stuck between teeth, pulp infections, or exposed nerves.

When the pain is sudden and progressively intensifies as time goes by, you should check with an emergency dentist. You may use a cold compress to help cope with the pain.

They Preserve Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can result from biting a hard item or grinding and clenching your teeth with even minor force. When your tooth gets broken, the pulp grows irritated as the nerves become exposed to an outer environment, sending pain signals to the brain.

Call an emergency dentist to help you with your cracked teeth.

They Treat Abscessed Teeth

An abscessed tooth is a condition where an inflamed pus pocket causes severe pain. These pockets result from a bacterial infection in the oral cavity and could form anywhere along the gumline. The pain that the dental abscess brings can sometimes spread to the neck and ears.

They Fix Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are normal in children as they shed their baby teeth for newer and more developed ones. However, in adulthood, it may be caused by advanced gum disease, in which bacteria infect the soft tissues surrounding your teeth.

Other issues that can result in a loose tooth are grinding them and blunt-force trauma. Call an emergency doctor immediately to resolve the dental problem.

They Restore Knocked Out Teeth

Some accidents can knock your teeth loose, especially when it has significant impact force. We often recommend restoration procedures as they can replace missing teeth. Never wait to fix a dislodged tooth, even if it’s a temporary one.

Get a Marco Island Emergency Dentist

To learn more about dental emergencies, it’s always best to communicate with a professional. Island Paradise Dental has a team of experts ready to serve around the clock. Call us today!

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