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How CEREC® Creates Your Perfect Dental Restoration

August 7, 2023

If you've ever worried about a dental crown not blending seamlessly with your natural teeth, worry no more! CEREC® technology is here to work its magic, ensuring a dental restoration so precise that you won't even notice it's there. Keep reading to learn more about how CEREC® in Marco Island creates a perfect fit for your beautiful smile.

dentist helping patient choose shade for her CEREC in Marco Island

How CEREC® Ensures Your Custom Smile

Digital Impressions

Traditional dental impressions involve using a gooey material that can be uncomfortable and could trigger gag reflexes for some patients, leading to delays in the restoration process. However, with CEREC®’s digital impression technology, traditional impressions are a thing of the past.  

The process begins with an intraoral scanner, a small camera that captures precise and detailed images of your teeth and gums. This digital scanning is not only quick and comfortable but also creates a precise virtual 3D model of your mouth.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

CEREC's® CAD software takes the 3D model of your mouth and transforms it into a virtual canvas, allowing your dentist to design your dental restoration with incredible precision and customization. This advanced software enables adjustments to be made to the restoration's shape, size, and other minute details, ensuring that it aligns flawlessly with your natural teeth, providing a perfect fit and a beautifully blended appearance.

Real-Time Adjustments for a Perfect Fit

One of the remarkable features of CEREC® in Marco Island is the ability to make real-time adjustments during the dental visit. This means your dentist can fine-tune the restoration's fit, ensuring it complements your bite and feels comfortable. Unlike traditional methods that might require multiple visits for adjustments, CEREC's® real-time refinements save you time while ensuring a tailored and precise restoration.

The Dentist's Expertise

While CEREC® technology is impressive, it's the skill and artistry of your dentist that truly brings out the best results. Your dentist carefully examines the digital 3D model, taking into account factors such as bite alignment and aesthetics. With their expertise, they ensure that the restoration not only feels comfortable but also looks natural in your smile, providing you with a restoration that is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Final Thoughts  

In conclusion, CEREC® technology has revolutionized the world of dental restorations, alleviating the worries of mismatched teeth and offering a host of benefits that ensure a seamless and perfect fit for your smile. With CEREC®, you can rest assured that:

  • Your restoration will blend flawlessly with your natural teeth, thanks to the precision of digital impressions and CAD customization.
  • Real-time adjustments during your dental visit guarantee a comfortable and precise fit that complements your bite.
  • The dentist's expertise and artistry ensure that your restoration looks and feels natural, enhancing your overall dental experience.
dentist using CEREC in Marco Island

Do You Want to Know More About CEREC® in Marco Island?

If you are interested in CEREC®, you can schedule your appointment today at Island Paradise Dental, where our skilled professionals will provide you with a dental restoration that matches your natural teeth perfectly. Take charge of your dental health and contact us today!  

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