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How to Make Your Own Dental Emergency First Aid Kit?

January 24, 2023

You probably have a first aid kit at home for minor cuts and bruises. But how prepared are you for a dental emergency in Marco Island? There are certain items that are absolutely necessary in order to have all the tools to confront an emergency. Let’s take a look at the best way to build your own kit and be prepared for any situation.

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Saline Solution to Preserve a Lost Tooth

This fluid is compatible with our body fluids, which turns it into the best way to keep a tooth "alive" when it’s knocked out. Remember, a tooth can only be out of its socket for a few hours before the chances of successful reimplantation run out.

Sterile Gloves for Examination

In emergency cases, we want to address the problem immediately by being comfortable and quick to enter the mouth of the affected person without gloves, but this could cause problems such as an infection. Put on gloves and avoid touching other surfaces before exploring the mouth of the affected person.

Sterile Gauze and Hydrogen Peroxide to Control Bleeding

When there’s bleeding, it’s best to place a sterile gauze on the site to stop it. It’s also possible to use the gauze to move the tongue as the gloves are usually very slippery and it is easier to see what is happening in the oral cavity. If you need to disinfect and clean the blood, hydrogen peroxide is the perfect solution.


Don’t forget to keep over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen in your medicine cabinet, no matter how desperate you are at the moment, read the instructions first and do not exceed the recommended doses.

patient receiving Dental Emergency in Marco Island care

Need Assistance for a Dental Emergency in Marco Island?

Don't forget that dental first aid kits are not a substitute for professional help. They are a valuable resource when it comes to buying time before rushing to your dentist's clinic. You should always seek an expert’s opinion, so call us at Island Paradise Dental if you need help. We are here for you!  

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