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Put on a Bright Smile Through Responsible Dental Care

Dental health is something people ignore because of anxiety, embarrassment, pain tolerance, and its cost. These factors compromise the overall health of an individual. Yes! Dental hygiene affects overall bodily health. Notwithstanding, you can always book an appointment for a competent Marco Island dentist.  

The oral cavity or the mouth mainly functions as a passageway for materials to be metabolized. Because the materials are foreign, such as food and drinks, there is always a risk of getting particles, such as sugars, that can get lodged in between the teeth.

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Your Problems in the Oral Cavity Can Lead to Serious Risks  

Bacteria and plaque may travel into the bloodstream through the gums and cause cardiovascular diseases and diabetes problems.  

The two most prominent oral bacteria that are harmful to you are:  

  1. Streptococcus mutans - This type lives on the surfaces of the teeth and can cause cavities.  
  1. Porphyromonas gingivalis - When this group of bacteria is present, the individual experiences a gum infection that can lead to tooth loss.  

Improve Your Smile

It has been common knowledge for one to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Flossing and eating healthy foods can also boost overall health, but other than following a routine dental hygiene procedure at home, you may also connect to a licensed dental professional.  

Dentists are teeth specialists who have trained for years to acquire knowledge and skills in handling different dental procedures. They are equipped with the proper tools to efficiently do their work, such as tooth extraction, whitening, or replacing damaged teeth.  

Island Paradise Dental is a dental company consisting of licensed professionals that can provide you with high-quality oral care services. We have been providing standard dental services for years now, and clients come back for trusted dental procedures. We offer oral surgery, emergency dental, oral pathology, dental implants, dentures, and restorative/cosmetic dentistry.  

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Connect With a Marco Island Dentist  

If you are looking for the most dependable Marco Island dentist, don’t hesitate to book the finest dental professionals from Island Paradise Dental! Our lines are open!  

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