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Some Tips to Help You Get Used to Dentures

January 17, 2023

As with everything else, new dentures in Marco Island take some getting used to. It’s logical that it will take some time before you feel completely at ease with your new smile. Follow our advice and be patient, in no time it will seem as if you have been wearing your dentures all your life.

A close up of a senior lady smiling and wearing dentures in Marco Island

The First Hours with Your Prosthesis

You will notice a foreign body sensation that will disappear in the first weeks and hypersalivation after a few hours.

You will feel some difficulty in speaking or pronouncing some words. A good way to shorten the adaptation period is to read texts aloud, emphasizing the most difficult words.

You may feel nauseous. This sensation will be improved by drinking some liquid.

The First Meal

To learn to chew with your new prosthesis, you should start with soft foods. Try to eat slowly, gradually increasing the consistency of the food.

If you have full dentures, it’s best to chew food while distributing it on both sides of your mouth. This will prevent the leverage phenomenon from lifting the prosthesis by tilting it on one side.

Going to Bed

Dentists recommend removing the prosthesis before bed. This will decongest and rest your gums and mucous membranes during the night. This way you can keep your gums moist, which is their natural state. Soak your prosthesis in a container with water overnight for proper care.

Dealing with Pain

It’s normal at the beginning to feel pain in the gum where the prosthesis rests. This will disappear gradually. Try not to remove the prosthesis 12 hours before being treated to identify the sensitive gum areas and  the parts of the prosthesis that need readjustments.

a model of dentures in Marco island

Looking for Dentures in Marco Island? We are Here for You

The process of getting used to your new dentures doesn’t have to be difficult. Following your dentist's advice and maintaining a regular hygiene routine is ideal. Give us a call here at Island Paradise Dental for more information.

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