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Teeth Are Not Tools: 4 Awful Habits That Harm Our Teeth

January 16, 2023

Your teeth are incredibly strong and seem like they can withstand an immense amount of pressure. Although your teeth are powerful tools for chewing food, using them as tools can cause them to break down or even become loose and fall out. However, if you follow the advice that your professional Marco dentist can give you, you shouldn’t worry about causing irreversible damage to your pearly whites. Let’s take a look at the things we need to stop using our teeth for to take proper care of them.

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Steer Clear from the Following Awful Habits

Don't Use Your Teeth to Open Things

Teeth are not meant to open boxes or anything similar. In fact, this harmful habit can cause malocclusion by wearing your teeth unevenly, and this malocclusion can lead to TMJ problems.

Don't Use Your Teeth as Scissors

From plastic tape to more dangerous objects such as removing plastic from wires, scissors exist and are intended for this function.

Don't Use Your Teeth as an Auxiliary

If you can't hold the hanger, organize yourself and then pick it up with your hand. Your mouth is also not meant to hold bags, nails, or anything like that. This bad habit can damage your teeth in the long run.

Don't Use Your Teeth to Chew on Foreign Objects

As children we get used to chewing on pencils, and without realizing it, when we get older, we transfer this habit to pens, and this habit can weaken our teeth and cause tooth loss structure. Moreover, although we may think it relaxes us and prevents stress, it actually encourages it.

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