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Top Reasons Why Patients Hold Back on Getting Dental Implants

Recent improvements in dental technology have made more options available for teeth replacement. Decades ago, the only alternative patients could resort to for replacing missing teeth were dentures. Now, many people enjoy better and long-term benefits from getting dental implants in Marco Island.  

However, some patients still hold back on getting dental implants because of baseless myths surrounding this innovation. Sadly, they’re definitely missing a lot by believing uncredible sources instead of consulting with a dental professional.  

What are the Myths About Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are Expensive

The upfront cost of getting dental implants usually causes patients to back off. People think they’re paying a hefty amount for a single tooth replacement, which for them is too much. Unfortunately, these patients just don’t see the bigger picture.

While dentures and bridges seem less expensive at first compared to dental implants, the two former options carry “hidden” and continuing charges.  

With dentures, you actually spend more as the years pan out. Dentures have to be replaced every seven years or so (sometimes even less than that). Additionally, you will regularly spend on adhesives needed to fit them in your mouth.

Dentures will also cost you convenience as they need to be removed, soaked in water, and cleaned separately – all of this can be a hassle.  

On the other hand, dental implants are permanent teeth replacement methods requiring the usual teeth cleaning routine.  

Dental Implants are Not Comfortable

Many people believe that getting dental implants means hours of enduring excruciating pain. However, patients who have undergone this procedure attested that it’s surprisingly less painful than they had expected. Dental implants also feel like and look like natural teeth once installed.  

On the flip side, dentures may fall out mid-speech. They may create a sound when you talk, eat, or kiss.

Do You Need Dental Implants in Marco Island?

When you look at the cost of dental implants, you have to view them as a lifetime investment for their added benefits. Dental implants are the most convenient options for teeth replacement.

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