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Understanding Oral Surgery for a More Comfortable Dental Procedure

The thought of undergoing oral surgery in Marco Island can be overwhelming. According to some patients, it keeps them up all night - just thinking about how things could go and whether they could go wrong. Thus, they have a few questions for their oral surgeon, and this article will discuss each to make you feel more comfortable about your upcoming procedure.

Surgeon explaining oral surgery in Marco Island

FAQS Addressed to Oral Surgeons

Will the Procedure Hurt?

Gone are the days when undergoing dental surgery meant enduring hours of excruciating pain and a discomforting feeling. With dental developments in place, your oral surgery team can guarantee you a pain-free procedure. You can discuss this with the team beforehand to let them know how to provide you with a positive experience.  

At best, your dentists will give you anesthetics to numb the area or place you under sedatives to calm you down during the entire process.

What is Your Success Rate? 

Just because your dentist suggests you undergo oral surgery with them doesn't mean you should feel compelled to say yes immediately. Before you commit, you can ask them questions like their success rate. How many surgical procedures have they performed? Were all of those procedures successful? If not, what made the procedure fail?  

Getting a better picture of your dentist's expertise and credibility will make you feel a lot more comfortable on the dentist's chair.

Do I Need an Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

You may have heard of wisdom tooth removal everywhere, but that doesn't mean the procedure is less complicated than it is. Removing a wisdom tooth entails performing a cut or incision into the gums to expose the tooth - making it easier for your dentist to pull it out.  

However, most wisdom teeth have anchor-like bases, which makes them a lot more complicated to extract. Having someone who is certified to do the job should make you feel better.

patient for Oral surgery in Marco Island

Do You Need Oral Surgery in Marco Island?

Oral surgery today is not as intimidating as it was years ago. At Island Paradise Dental, we listen to the fears and doubts of our patients and do our best to resolve each one. If oral surgery makes you sweat unnecessarily, give us a call to learn more about making the experience better for you.

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