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What's So Bad About Gapped Teeth?

While there can be external factors that lead to having gapped teeth, some instances are due to genetics or the mismatch with the size of the teeth compared to the jawbone. Most of us may not be able to control this from happening, but there are things we can do to correct it - like getting orthodontics in Marco Island.  

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that diagnoses, treats, and corrects dental issues concerning the position of your smile. While doing this, you also enjoy restorative retributions since both go hand in hand most of the time.  

However, some patients ignore gapped teeth, and doing so could only increase the chances of getting more serious dental problems, which we will discuss in this article.  

Closeup of a person with gapped teeth Orthodontics Marco Island

What Can Happen When You Leave Gapped Teeth for Granted?

Tooth Decay

While having a thin interdental space can make flossing rather easy, having too much of it can mean more harm. The space between teeth can easily be prone to plaque buildup, where harmful bacteria are collected and cause the teeth to decay. If left untreated, this can easily lead to periodontal disease - a progressive disease that may cause bone loss if left unattended.

Additionally, severe tooth decay is a sure reason for tooth extraction.  

Gum Disease

As tooth decay worsens, tartar and bacteria can excavate gum tissues and further invade the said area. Gums are directly connected to teeth, and when you're not quick in taking action, things might be too late. Periodontal diseases at their advanced stages take so much time, money, and effort to manage.  

Lack of Self-Confidence

For most people, self-confidence is greatly correlated to looks. When we think we look good and others make us feel good, we also manifest a positive disposition. Having this kind of mindset sets us up to greater heights. However, this may not be the case if we have gapped teeth.  

Published studies show that hiding your smile creates such a negative effect on our mental and social health. With this in place, it would be difficult to conquer obstacles and meet personal goals.

Before and after photo of a girl's mouth with gapped teeth Orthodontics Marco Island

Need Help with Orthodontics in Marco Island?

At Island Paradise Dental, we know the value of a beautiful smile and strive hard to get one for you. If you are ready to smile with glee again, consider giving us a call to book an appointment.

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