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When Would a Tooth Extraction Be Necessary?

March 27, 2023

A tooth extraction in Marco Island is a procedure to remove a tooth from the gum. It’s usually done by a general dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist. The duration and recovery time depends on the type of extraction performed, but it’s important to know under what situations it is imperative that the extraction be performed. Let's take a look.

Woman who's just experienced a tooth extraction in Marco Island

To Prevent an Infection

Extractions are necessary when a tooth is severely eroded, damaged, infected, or has suffered trauma and cannot be repaired by a restorative procedure. A tooth cannot remain in the mouth if it’s severely eroded, as it runs the risk of infection spreading or deteriorating the other teeth. Therefore, it’s best to extract the tooth that has suffered the trauma or damage.

What Happens If the Tooth Is Already Infected?

When the cause of the infection is a cavity, a dental filling should be used. This treatment consists of cleaning all the decay from the tooth, sealing the area where the infection was located and reconstructing the tooth.

In the event that the infection (whether due to a cavity or a fracture) has reached the pulp (the innermost part of the tooth) an endodontic or root canal treatment should be performed.

If the tooth cannot be saved due to severe damage and cannot be reconstructed, the entire tooth must be extracted.  

Periodontal Disease

Your gums and the bone that supports your teeth may suffer significant damage if you have advanced periodontal disease. This may result in missing or loose teeth. The best strategy to protect your dental health in extreme circumstances may be to extract the remaining teeth.

For Orthodontic Purposes

It’s common to have to extract certain teeth in some orthodontic cases in order to ensure good correction of malocclusion. This may be due to a considerable lack of space, missing teeth, or teeth that cause severe crowding or lip retraction. It’s common, for example, exodontia in cases of open bites in which contact between teeth is impossible.


Supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia are defined as the existence of an excessive number of teeth.

Hyperdontia can be treated in different ways, but the extraction of the supernumerary tooth is usually the recommended treatment to avoid possible problems in the eruption or placement of teeth in the arch.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The eruption of wisdom teeth can present complications that lead to the decision to extract them, something that occurs relatively frequently.

These Extractions Can Have Several Reasons:

  • Wisdom teeth don’t have the necessary space to erupt, so they can cause trauma to other teeth or even remain inside the gums.
  • They do not erupt completely, so they remain half covered by the gums, a situation that can cause a lot of pain, and infections such as caries, cysts, and periodontal disease.
  • The eruption is incorrect and lateral or diagonal, instead of vertical. This is a serious factor since it can end up damaging the base of the nearest tooth.
Dental equipment surrounds a tooth pulled during a tooth extraction in Marco Island

Need a Tooth Extraction in Marco Island?

When it comes to dental extractions it is very important to work with experts in the field, always perform regular check-ups and make sure it is the solution we need. Call us at Island Paradise Dental to schedule a visit!

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