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Which Are the Advantages of CEREC® Crowns?

October 10, 2022

Some restorative dentistry treatments will require several visits to the dentist. This situation can be inconvenient for patients with very tight schedules or those who are just afraid of going to the dentist's chair. Great news for those patients is that CEREC® technology in Marco Island is helping your dentist expedite your procedure. Let’s look at how it makes things easier.

CEREC in Marco Island crowns

Perfect for Dental Restorations

CEREC® tooth restoration technology helps your dentist to create a precise tooth in minutes. Let´s check some options that we can ideally get with CEREC® technology.  

  • Crows  
  • Inlays and onlays  
  • Fixed bridges  
  • Veneers  
  • Dental implants  
  • Dentures  
  • Other orthodontic appliances  

Advantages of CEREC® for Dental Issues  

  • Dental crowns made with CEREC® will be ready faster than regular ones.  
  • There is less room for error when prosthetic planning, capturing digital impressions, producing individual abutments to placing implants as a part of guided surgery procedures.  
  • The patient can arrive at dental office in the morning, have the procedure done, and then confidently leave in the afternoon after the restoration has been correctly set.  
  • CEREC® implant restorations are as permanent and long-lasting as conventional implant restorations.  

Choose CEREC ® Crown Instead of Traditional Crowns  

Dental crowns can be an ideal option for restoring teeth that are damaged, deformed, decaying, or otherwise compromised. CEREC® technology might be also used to cover a dental bridge, an implant, or a root-treated tooth.  

A CEREC® crown is durable enough to make you smile with confidence. When you get a tooth restoration on Marco Island, you can be sure that it will look and feel natural. We offer you an excellent same-day option to maintain your smile look without worry.  

dentist showing patient samples of CEREC in Marco Island crowns

Get Your CEREC® Crown in Marco Island Today  

Dr. Robert Abbiati uses the latest dental technology to help you feel comfortable with your smile. At Marco Island, we always aim to give you the best service. Schedule your appointment now!

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