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Why Is Having a Family Dentist Important?

In hindsight, you probably remember too well how your older family members would keep on urging you to brush your teeth daily. And most times, you really wanted to turn them down. Then you suffered from dental issues and realized you should have listened to them more. Now that you’re older and may have a family of your own, you don't want them to make the same mistakes you did, so get help from family dentistry in Marco Island.  

Others may think that a pediatric dentist should handle your kids' oral health, separate from your dental care provider as adults. However, there are a few advantages when you get a family dentist instead to manage and treat all of the family's dental issues. Besides, family dentists are trained in dealing with preventative measures both for adults and kids.

Family Dentistry Marco Island

Why is Having a Family Dentist Advantageous for Your Family?

Eliminate Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is dangerous when not addressed since it can give a patient all the alibis in the world to not visit their dentist. There are many reasons people fear seeing their dentist, but there are ways to solve this problem. Dental anxiety knows no age since both kids and adults can face the same issue.  

On the other hand, going together as a family for a regular check-up or dental procedure eliminates this fear. When your kids feel they're not alone when dealing with their fears on a dentist's chair, they would feel a lot more comfortable with the process.  

This scenario allows provides them with a positive experience. It also helps build the discipline and attitude in getting regular cleanings when your kids see you doing it early in their lives.  

Build a Lasting Relationship

It pays to have a dentist who knows your family's dental history. It can include past surgeries and dental issues, hereditary problems, previous dental experiences, or any concerns your dentist must be acquainted with. It relieves you of the time and energy to recall everything that has happened in the past since your family dentist already has all this on record.  

Additionally, having a good relationship with your family dentist ensures that you have someone to run to when the need arises.  

Family Dentistry Marco Island

Do You Want to Know More About Family Dentistry in Marco Island?

At Island Paradise Dental, we emphasize the value of good oral health practices, and we want our patients to start doing them at an early age. If you have a family of diverse age groups, consider giving us a call to get a family dentist for all of your family's dental needs.

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