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Get to Understand Why White Teeth May Not Really Mean Healthy Teeth

Studies show that around 18-52% of the population are not happy with the color of their teeth. In the USA alone, teeth whitening is the most popular dental treatment people want to undergo. Thankfully, teeth whitening in Marco Island is readily available to all patients and promises the best results.  

Why is Whiteness Not Enough to Say Your Teeth are Healthy?

White teeth may not necessarily mean they are healthy. The color of our teeth shouldn’t be the only thing we should think of. While white teeth look clean and fresh, some dental issues may lie behind and cause serious issues. Having a set of pearly teeth shouldn’t mean we can be lenient on our oral hygiene.  

Healthy Teeth Need Healthy Gums

Let’s get things straight. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have whiter teeth. However, you must remember that your teeth are attached to your gums. In that case, your gums also need the same level of care and attention you’re willing to give to your teeth.  

Periodontal diseases, for example, may heavily affect your teeth and distort the quality of your smile. Gum disease is a major reason for tooth loss. Therefore, you may have white teeth, but if one tooth is missing, this can destroy the overall appeal of your smile.  

White and Healthy Teeth Require Regular Check-ups

Having a set of white teeth is not the quintessential element of a healthy mouth. Even though you have already achieved the level of whiteness you want for your teeth, you still need to regularly visit your dentist for plaque removal. With regular visits, your dentist may also spot other dental issues that need attention and treatment.  

Do You Need Teeth Whitening in Marco Island?

If you need teeth whitening in Marco Island, you can contact us at Island Paradise Dental for help. Their dentists are trained in all dental procedures, so they know how to properly take care of your teeth and gums. Having substantial knowledge in maintaining the whiteness and health of your teeth is essential so that you can preserve them as long as possible.

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