Same-Day Crowns

What's better than same-day delivery? Same-day crowns. We believe that the best way to provide cosmetic dentistry treatments to our patients is by being efficient and expedient. With our brand new CEREC® machine, our promise has never been easier.

What are Crowns?

This is the name for the biting surface of teeth, which is the only part of the tooth you will see. Teeth consist of cementum, dental cervix, and crown. Those are the technical terms that mean root, neck, and cap, respectively.
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Crown Injuries

Your dentist would make impressions and send them to another facility to construct new crowns. This would have taken weeks to complete, leaving you with a temporary crowns, which can become frustrating the longer you have them.
Since they're heavily involved in consuming and processing food, crowns are the most prone to damage of the three parts. However, sports and accidents can break teeth as well. Common injuries include cracks, chips, and breaks.

Signs You Need a New Crown

Much like teeth, crowns can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. On average, they will last somewhere between 10-30 years. There are several telltale signs that your crowns need replacement.
  • Noticeable wear and tear/damage
  • Discoloring

Pain and Swelling

This can be caused by conditions such as tooth decay or infection. Despite the crown, at the border of the crown and gum, a sliver of the tooth is exposed, which is susceptible to the stress caused by bacteria. It forms on plaque and creates an acid that degrades enamel.


Many things can discolor teeth, such as:
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Soda
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Tobacco
  • Trauma
  • Disease
  • Medication
If the cause of discoloration is more serious, more drastic procedures are needed rather than whitening. For instances of irreversibly discolored crowns, the only course of action is to replace them.


Now, we can use a CEREC machine which drastically decreases the wait time. CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (ceramic reconstruction). These machines can create crowns, inlays, and overlays on demand.
Instead of making impressions of your crowns, we will make molds. Doing so ensures that each new crown fits perfectly, which will allow them to look more natural and be less perceivable to others.
The reason these take so little time is because we do them right away in our office. We will design, cut, stain and glaze them before installing them in your mouth in just one visit! Traditional methods may have taken three appointments, which is time to spend doing more important things.
Not only are they better aesthetically, but they are stronger too. Being crafted from a solid block of ceramic, it's sturdier than its counterparts which are porcelain or fused materials; these have an even longer lifespan than regular crowns.

Are Same-Day Crowns for You?

Our dentists are all highly trained in using these cutting-edge machines and are eager to improve your smile with them. Contact us today for an appointment so you can have the smile you'll feel confident showing.

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