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Can I Replace Tooth Brushing with Mouthwash?

November 8, 2022

Even though every smile is different and requires specific dental care, dentists always say a trusty toothbrush and floss are the best tools to keep your mouth bacteria and disease-free. Many people say mouthwash can do the trick just as well, but this fact couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn what mouthwash does for you and what a proper at-home Marco Island dental care routine entails. 

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Can I Use Mouthwash Instead of a Toothbrush? 

After enjoying your favorite meal or drink, food remains can stick to your teeth and accumulate around your gums, producing plaque build-ups. Mouthwash can get rid of some bacteria while giving you a minty breath, but only toothbrushes and floss can reach the nooks and crannies of your mouth and remove all dangerous substances. By only relying on mouthwash, harmful bacteria will get a free pass to destroy your tooth enamel, eventually giving you tooth decay and gum disease

You can get rid of dental problems for good if you adopt other healthy dental care practices aside from mouthwash. 

What Makes a Proper Dental Care Routine? 

Tooth Brushing 

Brush your teeth twice a day to handle dangerous bacteria. Tilt your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and use it for two minutes. Make sure your tool has soft bristles since hard ones can scratch tooth enamel and expose them to plaque and tartar. 


Use floss after you brush your teeth to take care of any food remains your toothbrush couldn’t reach. Waterpiks can also do the trick, especially if you wear braces or dental implants. 

Dentist Visits 

Your dentist has to perform an oral examination at least once every six months to check for any signs of dental problems and, if any, deal with them early. 

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Want to Learn More About Dental Care in Marco Island? 

Mouthwash is a great way to complement your at-home dental care routine, but it can’t replace toothbrushing or flossing. Dentist visits are vital for oral health, so schedule an appointment and meet our team! 

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