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How to Prepare Your Kids for Oral Surgery

November 8, 2022

It's no surprise that children find needles and pointy dental tools scary, as they let their creativity get the best of them. Luckily, dental professionals can give you tips on making your little one feel brave enough to face their scheduled dentist appointment for oral surgery in Marco Island.

dentist in Marco Island with a kid before performing oral surgery

Tips to Get Your Children Surgery-ready

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy for getting your children to trust you and their dentist. Tell your kid they'll have to undergo oral surgery at least a week before their appointment and use that time to help them be mentally ready. Taking them to their dentist's office without warning will only make them feel less comfortable, scared, and more reluctant to have oral surgery.

Answer Their Questions

After letting your kids know about their future oral surgery, be ready to answer any questions they might have regarding the procedure. You can talk to their dentist beforehand and have them explain the basics of the oral surgery to you, and then use easy language to give that information to your children. Use drawings and videos to make the explanation more compelling and straightforward.

Offer Rewards

If explaining is not enough to ease your kid's troubles, try offering them a prize they can only claim if they undergo the procedure. Positive reinforcement will help your kid associate an unpleasant experience with a rewarding result, making them adopt a happier and more willing attitude. Save the reward for after they've recovered, and don't give them any candy or things to chew on immediately after their oral surgery, as it can affect the procedure's results.

dentist in Marco Island with a boy before performing oral surgery

Do Your Kids Need Oral Surgery in Marco Island?

You can make a big difference in how your kids approach their oral surgery if you are honest, answer their questions, and offer rewards. Dentists at Island Paradise Dental provide a reassuring, professional experience your child won't fear, so call us to meet our team and book a consultation!

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