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The Reasons to Choose Same-Day Crowns

January 24, 2023

A dental crown is probably one of the best options to treat a severely decaying or broken tooth. Although same-day crowns in Marco Island are increasingly being preferred by dentists and patients, traditional lab-created crowns still have their place. Here we'll explain why.

Same Day Crowns in Marco Island

1. No Need for Two (or More) Appointments

Multiple dentist appointments can be challenging to arrange into your busy schedule. Traditional crowns require two appointments, your tooth will be prepared and molds will be obtained at your initial consultation to make your crown. The production of your crown will require several days and you’ll have to coordinate two appointments that could be weeks apart.

In contrast, same-day dental crowns need one single appointment, saving you a significant amount of time.

2. No Need for Uncomfortable Dental Impressions

Digital same-day crowns generate a complete 3D image of your mouth using sophisticated cameras and special instruments.

Patients frequently experience discomfort during dental impressions. Some people with strong gag reflexes find the thick, unpleasant trays required for the imprint process to be very uncomfortable. Dental impressions are unnecessary if you select a same-day crown and still receive the crown you require.

3. No Temporary Crowns Needed

You will need to have a temporary crown fitted while you wait for your permanent crown because traditional crowns need to be installed over the course of two appointments. It typically takes two to three weeks to complete this.

Temporary crowns are often comprised of less durable acrylic resin and held in place with a temporary dental cement, which means they can be rather unpleasant and brittle. It could be annoying for you to chew, speak, and brush your teeth while wearing a temporary crown.

Temporary crowns are not necessary because same-day crowns are created and positioned in a single session.

dentist showing patient Same Day Crowns in Marco Island

Looking for Same-Day Crowns in Marco Island?

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of the amazing solution that same-day crowns offer, call us at Island Paradise Dental for an appointment!

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