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Tips to Feel Less Anxious Before a Dentist Visit

November 8, 2022

Many people don’t give much thought to their dentist visits, but others regard it as the worst situation imaginable. Since dental appointments are one of the cornerstones of oral health, learn how to keep your fears in check before booking an appointment with your Marco Island dentist. 

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How to Cope with Anxiety Before Your Appointment 


Learning breathing techniques can be game-changing when you find yourself in stressful situations. Take a few minutes before your dentist visit to find a quiet place, breathe through your nose, and exhale out your mouth. This process will give you a higher oxygen supply and reduce your heart rate while giving you a sense of control, making you feel calmer. 

Ask Your Dentist to Explain the Procedure 

Fear and lack of information go hand in hand, so by learning more about the procedure you’ll undergo, you’ll likely feel more at ease during your dentist appointment. Have some questions ready for your dental professional, and ask as many details as you deem necessary to calm down. 

Pick a Good Date 

Handling your anxiety and fear is always more difficult when your day is full of to-dos and meetings. Book the dentist visit beforehand and clear your agenda of any tasks that will make you less relaxed. If you’re going to get oral surgery, ask your dentist how long it’ll take you to recover, and don’t plan any activities in the days following the procedure. 

Bring a Loved One 

Friends and family are the ultimate stress relievers, so asking them to be with you during a dentist visit is a great way to keep your anxiety at bay. Seeing someone you love in a scary place is a great way to feel calmer and in control. However, ask your dentist if bringing a person with you to their office is okay. 

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Looking for A Trusty Marco Island Dentist? 

You can easily visit your dentist if you manage your breathing, ask questions, pick a suitable date, and bring someone with you. We can help with your dental anxiety and give you a healthy smile, so book an appointment today! 

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