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What You Need to Know About Tooth Extractions

Although a tooth extraction is a standard dental procedure, many people still don’t completely understand how it goes and why it’s necessary. This lack of awareness compels patients to avoid seeing a dental professional. However, consulting with a Marco Island dentist is highly recommended to discuss the best option.

Tooth Extraction and its Process

Tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth from its socket. Many reasons explain why your dentist may suggest this procedure, including:

• Injury

• Deep-seated tooth decay or infection

• Impacted teeth

• Overcrowded mouth

• To give room for permanent teeth to come in

There are two processes involved in tooth extraction.  

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is a process of removing a tooth that is visible from your mouth. You will get a shot of local anesthesia first before the tooth is loosened using an instrument called an elevator. Afterward, your dentist will use forceps to pull out the tooth from the socket.

Surgical Extraction

When you have a tooth that has separated from the gum line but is imperceptible from the mouth, you will need to undergo surgical extraction. This is a more complex procedure and may take a little longer since your oral surgeon will need to perform a cut into your gums to expose the underlying tooth.  

Because of its complexity, you may need intravenous anesthesia, on top of a local anesthetic, to make you calm down and relax.

Do You Need Help from Your Marco Island Dentist?

While tooth extraction is necessary, we believe it should be the last resort. As much as possible, we at Island Paradise Dental make sure to exhaust other alternative procedures to save the tooth. We believe that your smile is your best feature, and we work hard to give you superior dental care. Call us today.

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