It should never hurt to smile. And, when one tooth is consistently causing pain and discomfort and begins to impact your overall oral health, our dentist may explore a tooth extraction as an option.

What is an Extraction?

When a problem tooth continues to cause issues after all other treatment options have been exhausted, our dentist may recommend actually pulling a tooth out. It’s a minor procedure that can restore your overall oral health. From there, you can explore restorative options.

Do I Need an Extraction?

In order to determine if you need an extraction, you need to come see our dentist. He will be able to diagnose the issue, go down alternative paths, and choose with you whether or not removing a single tooth is better for the rest of your smile. If infection persists, large cracks or breaks occur, or any other form of ongoing trauma become an issue, an extraction may be a wise choice.

Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction shouldn’t intimidate you. In fact, there are several benefits to this last resort, including:
  • Removal of infection
  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Restore oral function

Are You Looking for an Oral Surgeon in Marco Island?

You deserve a dentist you can trust – even for the most minor procedures. If you suspect you may need a tooth extraction, contact us at Island Paradise Dental to schedule an appointment with our experienced oral surgeon in Marco Island.

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