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The Difference Between a Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Many people are confused why wisdom tooth removal entails oral surgery when it only seems like a simple tooth extraction in Marco Island. However, those who misconstrue these two processes have never really paid much attention to how complex the other process is. That's why it requires an oral surgeon to do the job.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction vs Tooth extraction in Marco Island

What Makes These Two Different?

Tooth Extraction

A normal tooth extraction procedure is a simple removal of a tooth that has decayed or is broken. Your dentist will only pull out a fully exposed tooth during the treatment, making it arguably easy to finish the job.

Before the tooth is removed, you will receive a good dose of local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. This process makes the procedure pain-free and less comfortable to the patient if it ever will be.

Dentists don't automatically resort to tooth extractions unless there's no way they can revive the tooth. That is because tooth loss has to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent more serious dental problems like the change of jaw formation. This happens due to the shifting of nearby teeth. 

Wisdom Tooth Surgery 

On the other hand, wisdom teeth are usually removed if they’re impacted. That means that the tooth hasn't fully gone through the gums. Because of this, your oral surgeon has to perform an incision to expose the tooth and successfully remove it. Impacted wisdom teeth are typically painful and can damage the nearby teeth.  

Due to the level of complexity the procedure entails, you need an oral surgeon to perform the work - someone who has undergone specific training in handling such cases.

Patient for Tooth extraction in Marco Island

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction in Marco Island?

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