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What Circumstances Should Prompt You to Call Your Emergency Dentist?

Just like any crisis, dental emergencies require immediate attention. Although we can’t expect what life throws at us, knowing who to turn to in specific moments can make a huge difference. Therefore, be sure to contact your trusted dental care provider when you face a situation needing emergency dental care in Marco Island.

Common Dental Emergencies People Face

A dental emergency is any dental issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Delaying the response to these situations may increase the risk of losing the tooth permanently.


Tooth pain can mean a range of different dental issues. Thus, it needs the quick attention of your dentist. While you may not be sure what the problem could be, tooth pain is a clear indicator that something is wrong. Whether the pain is sudden or recurring, this should prompt you to visit your emergency dentist.

While traveling to the office, you can apply a cold compress to the area. You may also take over-the-counter painkillers to eradicate or minimize the throbbing.

Knocked-out Tooth

No matter how careful we may be, sometimes an accident happens and causes a knocked-out tooth. When the tooth is a permanent one, extra steps should be taken to prevent it from being lost forever.

You may try to place the tooth back into place by biting it in while you're on your way to your dentist. However, be sure to rinse it with running water first before doing so.

Contact Your Dentist for Emergency Dental Care in Marco Island

A person’s smile is usually their most memorable feature. When you lose a tooth, you destroy the quality of your smile.

Make arrangements with an emergency dentist at Island Paradise Dental so that you’ll have a willing ally in a time you’d need one the most. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

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